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Y.O.U.N.G are a pop/rock rap 5-piece band based in Manchester who initially formed in 2017. They consist of singer songwriter/guitarist Chez Davis, rapper/keyboardist Benjamin James, guitarist/producer Jamie Skehan, bassist Tom Whitehead and drummer Graeme Smith

Y.O.U.N.G’s sound is a true mashup of influences drawn from the core songwriting members differing musical backgrounds. Ben, the band’s rapper and keyboard player draws on influences from OutKast, G eazy and Loyle Carner through to Linkin Park. He brings his own energetic style of rap and vocal hooks to the songwriting, as well as adding FX textures and synths to the Y.O.U.N.G sonics. He has had previous releases as an individual on Universal records (AATW) and has featured on two number one compilation albums. When not recording or playing live with the band, Ben plays hype-man for the band’s drummer DJ Yetti at dance events at Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

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